20 Minute Manhattan Sunset

On this dull and chilly Easter Bank holiday Monday, I decided to have a look back through my photos from New York last August (when it was a lot warmer than today) and I came across a series of pictures I took of the sunset one evening over in Brooklyn, at the small park between Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges.

This park is probably one of my favourite spots in New York – it’s never that busy and has some stunning views across the water to down-town Manhattan with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground.

The 2 images below were both taken on the same evening, 20 minutes apart and it surprised me just how quickly the light disappears when the sun goes down.

The first image has very vibrant orange hues and was a 0.3 second exposure, whereas the second image has a much cooler look to it with the blues coming through much more, and a 2 second exposure.


The clouds were shifting as there was a gentle breeze and as the lights of the buildings started to come on, the whole look of the image changed….


This little park is a hidden gem and is very easy to get to – jump on the F train to York Street or the A or C train to High Street Brooklyn although this stop is a little further away.

Be sure to check out other photos of New York over on the website, and thanks for reading.


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