First Drone Photo

This shot was taken a few weeks back. I recently purchased a drone to have a play about with, and have a go at some aerial photography.

This is the Heinz factory in Wigan. Having lived in very close proximity to this for pretty much all my life, I had no idea of the actual scale of the site until I saw it from above. When you compare the size of the factory to the houses on the left side of the image, it gives you some idea of just how big it is.


I am itching to get out with the drone again this coming weekend, weather permitting as every weekend since I took this pic has been pretty much a write off. Thankfully, the winter is almost behind us and long summer days lie ahead 🙂

The drone I bought was the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and I am really impressed with the images I have managed to take so far. I am hoping to also get some video footage which I will be uploading to the YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

The drone is really easy to fly, and has very responsive controls. The only downside is that the battery life isn’t great. I think you get about 25 minutes out of each battery charge but the images give a whole new perspective on the world.




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