Southport Fireworks 2016

So that time of year arrived again last weekend when I got to shoot the amazing Southport Musical Fireworks Championships. It’s becoming a bit of an annual event now for me and I went over to shoot the Friday and Saturday shows this year.

Now located in Victoria park, there are 2 displays on the Friday night, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Personally I prefer the park to previous years when it was held across the marine lake.

Friday was a lovely clear evening with a very gentle breeze to blow the smoke away and we got to see 2 brilliant displays. Saturday started as a wash out but thankfully cleared about an hour before the show and again, the quality of the displays this year were simply amazing.

I did feel sorry for a couple of the competitors on Saturday who ran into some minor technical issues, most likely due to the amount of rain that had put down throughout the day. That aside, the displays were full of colour and lit up the Southport sky to all sorts of musical themes.

What baffles me about these shows is that when the gates open, everyone seems to charge to get as close to the front as they can, and whilst there are some periphery fireworks low down, the vast majority are up high and I snagged a spot at the back of the park where the crowd was non-existent. It’s great to see so many people enjoying the shows and turning up with their blankets and chairs to sit and watch the displays.

I really love this show and am already eagerly awaiting the dates for next year!!! Here are some of my favourite pics from the 2 nights……



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