Media City – ND1000

I have been itching to have a go at some daytime long exposure pics using an ND1000 10 stop filter for what seems like ages. Every time I have planned to give it a try, the good old British weather has let me down.

I was over at Salford Quays again today doing a bit of a recce for some pre-wedding stuff that I have got planned for later in the year, so took along my trusty Canon 5D III and tripod, with an ND1000 filter and shutter release.

The whole idea behind the filter is that it reduces light hitting the cameras sensor by 10 stops, thus allowing long exposures in the day time without blowing the highlights. This is useful for things like waterfalls or clouds.

I was there pretty early and I literally had the entire place to myself. I think I might have passed about 4 or 5 people in all the time I was there.

I got set up and framed the image, then attached the filter to the front of the lens. It’s worth noting that once the filter is on there, you can’t see a thing through the viewfinder so its worth using live view just to check everything is lined up OK. Also, I put the lens into manual focus once it had locked on, so that it wasn’t trying to re-focus through the filter.

Then it was just a case of set the camera to Bulb, dial in the ISO and aperture which for these shots were ISO 100 and f16 and then hit the shutter release.

These 2 images were 2 minutes long and I love the way the water goes almost mirror like. It was a little too cloudy to get much definition in the sky, but not a complete loss….

The great thing with the filter is that because it lets in so little light, you can really hold the shutter for a long time without fear of over exposing the shot.



Once back home and into Lightroom, I made some adjustments to a few settings such as contrast, clarity and the black and white levels, and finally exported into Photoshop just to clean up a few little dust marks and get rid of a bit of rubbish that was floating on the water.

I had a great time wandering around and have lots of ideas for various shots now when we come to do our next pre-wedding shoot.

Here are just a few more images I snapped during my walk about.


This is a close up on the bridge that links Media City with the Imperial War Museum.


The entrance to the Imperial War Museum


The buildings of Media City taken from near the Lowry Theatre


The main BBC studios.

Whilst over in Manchester I also went to check out the venue for a wedding that I am covering later this year in East Didsbury…… More on that another time 🙂




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