Blackpool – Top Of The Tower

A nice weekend off so we decided to head into Manchester – then realised that we had picked the one day of the year that the Manchester Marathon was taking place so thought better of it. A bit of a spur of the moment decision and we headed off to Blackpool for some sea air, and a cheeky Nando’s.

When we parked up Em suggested we go up the tower. It’s over 25 years since I last went up there so that’s just what we did.

Having been to Disney and seeing first hand just how well they put their attractions together, I don’t really know how to describe the tower pre-show. It starts with the obligatory photograph sat in front of a green screen – giving the impression you are sat on one of the girders of the tower – a bit like the famous shot in New York of the guys sat having lunch on the skyscraper construction.

After that, you are taken into a 4D cinema which, for those who have experienced Disney is a cross between Philharmagic and Soarin’ but with Blackpool as the backdrop rather than California – the cheesy bit at the end where the tower takes off like a rocket is just a bit too corny even by my standards.

That aside, once you get into the lift and ascend to the top of the tower, the views are quite spectacular – we had a lovely sunny day and clear views as far as the Lake District. There is a glass floor where you can stand and see straight down to the street which is pretty cool – it was quite amusing watching people cautiously stepping onto it – the thing can hold over 5 tonnes so I don’t think we were in any danger!

Climbing up 2 more levels there is an open deck which is the highest point the public can get, although there is a small spiral staircase which I assume leads to the very top where the flagpole is but this was closed off.

I didn’t take my Canon with me so was snapping pics on my iPhone – nonetheless I got some decent shots:


Looking north towards the Lake District you can see Blackpool North railway station in the top right of the photo, and the Metropole hotel to the left, next to the war memorial.


In the photo above you can see the famous Winter Gardens, and the Houndshill shopping centre.


Another shot looking north you can see the North Pier on the left side and the tram lines heading up towards Fleetwood.


This is a shot looking straight down in front of the tower and shows the “Comedy Carpet” with loads of references to many famous people who have no doubt performed in Blackpool over the years.


Looking south you can see Central Pier with the big wheel, and South Pier in the distance as well as the “Big One” at the pleasure beach. The bottom left is Coral Island with the scull and crossbones on the roof! The big car park on the left used to be Blackpool central railway station, until it was demolished. Blackpool football stadium can also be seen in the top left corner.


The view straight down through the glass floor  – Its hard to make out but there is an outline of a body on the square bit of the roof with the word “ouch” written under it 🙂


The North Pier stretching out into the Irish Sea – I like the reflection of the tower pointing towards the pier!

After we had finished taking in the views we headed for lunch and then took a walk down the North Pier where I got another couple of shots of the tower from ground level.


Finally we made our way back to the car, passing in front of the tower, and I just had time to catch a shot of a tram cutting through the frame which was a nice touch!


All in all, for £14 it’s not a bad way to see Blackpool from a different perspective – we were there quite early in the day so it was pretty quiet – I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much if it was mad busy up there but regardless, we both enjoyed it.


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  1. Brings back lots of memories


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