Cleveleys Beach

Having a ride over to Blackpool again, I decided to head north to visit the beach at Cleveleys. It’s pretty easy to get around – jump on a tram and head north for about 10 stops and you end up in Cleveleys. It’s just a short walk to the sea front and I headed for a piece of modern art which has been in place since 2013.

Mary’s Shell is a 16.5 tonne, 8m long sculpture that sits on the beach and at low tide, makes for a great shot with the reflection in the pools of water.


Heading south along the beach, there are lots of breakers and beach groynes. I love the way that the moss and algae have taken over the wood and the metal bolts have rusted over the years which give them a grungy weathered look.

They must take a real pounding when the tide comes in and these things look like they have been built to last. I particularly like the way that the pebbles and stones seem to settle along the length of the structure!



Further along the beach work is ongoing to build new sea defences – this one already completed curves along the shore line, and on the top is a very retro looking seating area.



This was about as far as I could walk due to the building works that are very much ongoing so I headed back towards the town centre to pick up a tram back to Blackpool as I wanted to get some more long exposure pictures of the piers.

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