London Tube Stations – Part 2

Following on from my last post, I left Kings Cross and headed north on the Piccadilly line. I was hoping to get up to Southgate but time was running out and I really wanted to stop off at Arnos Grove.

I had a shot in mind with the large station sign and I waited for a train to pass through the station. With a relatively slow shutter speed, I managed to get the blur effect, but looking closely there is a bit of camera shake so I think next time I am in London, I might re-visit this shot for another attempt.


I also wanted to get some shots of the exterior of the building but there seemed to be a never ending flow of buses blocking the view I had in mind. I gave up in the end and jumped back on a train towards central London.

I was fast running out of time to catch my train back North but I just had to stop off at one last station that I have been meaning to visit for ages. Turnpike Lane has a really cool area at the bottom of the escallators between the platforms and it was a shot I was determined to get before the end of the day.

I just love the grungy, urban look of the place and it’s obviously a “well worn” station, unlike the shiny and polished modern stations such as Canary Wharf. It was suprisingly quiet with very few people knocking about so I was easily able to compose and get the shot.


After a flying visit, it was staight back to Kings Cross and onward to Euston for the train back to Wigan. I have already started building a shoot list for the next trip which hopefully wont be too long off!

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