London Tube Stations – Part 1

Last week I was in London to visit the BETT show over at ExCeL and with a few hours before my train home, I went on one of my little photo trips around some more of the London Underground stations.

I had a few shots in mind and as always seems to be the way, some of them had to be abandoned for various reasons.

I started off heading back from ExCeL to Canary Wharf and whilst this first pic isn’t technically on the underground, I wanted to include it as I just love the futuristic feel of the place – it is simply a covered walkway connecting the new Crossrail development with the main shopping area of Canary Wharf.

The symmetry of the “box” and converging lines just appealed to me, and having waited for a quiet moment I got this shot with a couple walking into the distance. I wanted to give it a metallic feel so did some processing to give it a blue tint.


I then moved on a few stops down the line and jumped off at Bermondsey as I had a shot in mind but unfortunately, this was one of the aborted ideas due to some construction work being undertaken right at the very spot I had in mind.

Not to be defeated, I moved on to Southwark where I wanted to get a shot of the large atrium area at the top of the escalators. Again, I had to pick my moment as there seemed to be a never ending flow of people – and the occasional straggler who decided to stop and have a conversation with someone directly in my shot.

I have noticed that on my previous trips to London, at the weekend, it seems to be a lot quieter than on a week day – especially on the tube. I think some of the shots I wanted to get but didn’t, will keep for another trip but I eventually got this shot. . . .


Heading down to the platform level, there was a shot I have wanted to get for AGES and every time, for whatever reason, I either ran out of time, or just plain forgot. This time however I made it a mission to get it boxed off.

Even though these stations were built back in the late 90’s they have a very modern and slick feel about them. This shot shows the clean lines and grey stone / metal used in the construction and is one of my favourite shots from the day.


Having bagged the pic, I then headed along the line and north, to Kings Cross for another shot that has been on my hit list for about 18 months.

This is the new corridor that links one of the new buildings at St. Pancras to the underground and I just love the curve and the light wall which seems to change colour as you walk along.

I was composing the shot and just caught the lady walking past at the exact moment to give the picture a focal point of interest and a nice contrast against the coloured wall behind her.


After I had the shots I wanted, I headed north right the way almost to the end of the Piccadilly line. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon 🙂

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