Exploring Epcot After Hours

I made it my mission to spend an evening at Epcot and hang around after the fireworks show once the park had closed, to get some long exposures. My plan was to watch and photograph the show from the Japan pavilion (pics coming soon) as it was the most central and furthest away from the main park entrance.

After the show had finished, I just wondered around for half an hour by which time the vast majority of people had left, so I then started to make my way round to the front of the park very slowly.

I passed through a number of countries in world showcase on my travels, and I suspect that Disney isn’t too bothered about kicking everyone out straight away, as no one seemed to mind me being there.

I think the park looks even more stunning at night, when all the buildings and attractions are lit up in vivid colours, and having the place almost to myself was pretty cool.

Here is a selection of the shots I got along the way. The first is from the Germany pavilion….


Next up is probably the most detailed building I have seen – from the China pavilion, a replica of the Temple of Heaven and a huge Chinese gate at the entrance to the area.


The last stop on my tour was Norway which has a distinctly Viking feel to it.


I was then back in future world and passed by Mouse Gear before spending quote a bit of time around Spaceship Earth, getting a number of shots from various angles and positions.


By the time I had made it back to the entrance, it occurred to me that I had spent over an hour walking back and I wondered if the monorail and buses were still running. Thankfully they were, and after having a chat with a couple of cast members at the monorail station whilst waiting for the train, I headed back to the TTC and then back to Wilderness Lodge.

I had an absolute blast getting these shots, and our next trip already has a return planned to get more shots from the other countries, as well as doing the same at Magic Kingdom 🙂

To see more pictures from Epcot, head over to the website.

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