Blackpool North Pier

Today’s quick blog post comes from Blackpool . . .

I had a spare few hours recently and wanted to try and get some long exposure pictures. Unfortunately, the weather as ever was my enemy, and whilst I managed to get a few keepers, the day was overcast, grey and generally miserable.

I made it over to Blackpool at just the right time as the tide was coming in, and my aim was to try and make the water as flat as possible to give the dreamy washed out look.

I set up and framed the shot of the North Pier, and, using my ND1000 filter, set up at f/20, with an exposure time of 90 seconds. I managed to get about half a dozen shots before the beach was closed off and I had to move, but this shot was probably the best of the bunch.

It’s sad to see the state of the pier structure in such a bad state of repair, but even so, it lends itself quite nicely to this type of shot, providing a leading line through the picture. After I got these shots, I had a stroll along the pier, and it is really showing its age, and in need of some TLC.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Blackpool, but when the weather picks up, I might head back for another crack at this, and maybe try some further down on south shore.


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