Practical Photography Magazine – September 2015

You may recall a blog post from July 2014 where I posted about the shot of two trains on the London Underground….

This is one of my favourite shots to date and I was made up when Practical Photography magazine contacted me about using the image in their magazine’s feedback section.

The main challenges with the shot were:

  1. Getting 2 trains arriving at the station at the same time
  2. Getting a slow enough shutter speed to give the motion blur of the trains
  3. Keeping the image sharp without the use of a tripod or support

This was actually my second visit to the station at Shepherds Bush as the first attempt did not yield the result I had in mind but at the second attempt, I successfully got the shot.

The image is featured in the September edition of the magazine which is on sale right now. Here is the original image once again, along with an excerpt from the magazine itself.



It’s always a great privilege to see one of my photos in print, and I have already started to plan my next photo trip down in London in the next few months. Be sure to keep a look out for more pics in the future.


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