Castlefield Lock – Manchester

It’s been a very busy few weeks with one thing or another so I have not had much time to get out and about with my camera but hopefully in the next few weeks that will change! We have got a number of engagement and wedding shoots coming up in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for highlights of those.

For this post, I wanted to share a quick shot I got recently in Manchester. This is a shot of the canal lock close to Deansgate, just before the Castlefield basin. I saw a similar shot in a magazine recently and wanted to re-create it. I had attempted this on two previous visits but on both occasions, the lock was full, and no boats were coming through so I couldn’t get the movement of the water.

On the third visit, I was lucky enough to be there at the same time that a boat was going through, so had the opportunity to set up the shot. I like the mix of features in the shot, from the brick bridges, the water, and the tall building in the background. The only down side was that there was a bit of fog on this particular morning. I would like to get the same shot again maybe in early evening, when some of the lights are on, and the sky a little more interesting.

The shot was taken with a 10 stop ND filter and a narrow aperture, to get the movement on the water in the lock. The sky I feel is a little flat, so I am planning to re-visit this later in the year to see if I can improve it.

Post processing was mainly done in Lightroom to bring up the shadows and add a little contrast and clarity.



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