Liverpool Photo Project

For something a little different this weekend, I decided to have a ride over to Liverpool, and try out a little project for something different. I set myself the task of getting 10 pictures that were unusual – in that they are not your run of the mill street / building scenes.

I got there quite early – well before the shops opened so it was pretty quiet which was good for me, as I wanted some shots with very few, if any people in the way. I headed down to Liverpool 1 as I had seen a couple of locations that I wanted to use.

The first shot of the day was this unusual perspective of some steps and an escalator. I got a few shots with no one in the frame, but wanted to try and get a person coming up the escalator and luckily I only had to wait about 30 seconds for this chap to come along.



Next up, I had seen pictures on Flickr of the large atrium and spiral stairs in the car park at Liverpool 1 so that was my next port of call. It is about 4 or 5 storeys tall with a large glass done roof.


I then decided to head towards the library but on the way, called by Matthew Street to get this shot of the John Lennon statue outside the Cavern Club. It’s a quiet side street just near the main shopping streets and seemed to be a popular spot for tourists taking snaps.


Over in the library there is an amazing open space just inside the main entrance with a huge glass roof. It’s probably 4 floors high with a massive open plan space and lots of natural light so made for a great shot.


After the library, I headed down to the waterfront, and stopped off at Mann Island which is an area in between the Albert Dock, and the pier head. This building is a very unusual shape and so I wanted to get really close and shoot directly upwards to get the sense of perspective.


The next shot was a relatively close up picture of the Liver bird on top of the famous waterfront building. I only had a 24-70 lens with me otherwise I would have got a much tighter crop on the bird.


Just behind the three graces, there is a nondescript building that is actually the office and large ventilation shaft for the Mersey Tunnel. On the side of this building are a number of stone carvings and also some black statues which were the inspiration for the next to pictures.



I called in to the Museum of Liverpool for another spiral atrium shot in the main lobby. The museum had literally only just opened as I arrived so I had the place pretty much to myself for a few minutes.


Finally, I went over to the Albert Dock and wanted to get a shot of the famous brick warehouse buildings, with part of the big wheel in the background. The docks would make a great location backdrop for an engagement photo shoot – watch this space!


All these images can also be found in the Black & White Art gallery where you can purchase framed prints.

I will no doubt set myself other little projects over the next few months but I had a great time wondering round and shooting something just a little different.

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