Avenham Park Engagement Shoot – Leanne & Ed

Just after Christmas last year, I got an email from Leanne & Ed enquiring about wedding photography for their big day in May. I was intreagued as I read about their plans and the location for their wedding. They had chosen to get married in Avenham park, Preston.

But, I also found out that there was more to the big day that meets the eye. Part of the reason why this blog post is only being published now, is that the location for their wedding has been kept a secret from their guests.

Their chosen venue for their wedding reception is the walled orchard at Cuerden Valley Park which is where the guests have been told to go on the day of the wedding – what they dont know is that they are getting taken to Avenham park by vintage bus for the ceremony, and then heading back to Cuerden for the reception.

Keeping their plans a secret has no doubt been a big undertaking, so as part of this, I have not puclished any of their engagement shoot photos which were also shot in Avenham park so as not to give the game away.

Now that their wedding day has arrived, this blog post can safely be released without the risk of spoiling the suprise.

Leanne and Ed are a great couple to work with who obviously have a great fondness for the outdoors – this is evident from their choice of locations and theme for their wedding. We met up on a Sunday afternoon at the end of April to have a wonder around and get some shots which would serve both as an engagement shoot, and also to check out locations for portraits and group shots on the big day.

Avenham park is located just a short walk from Preston railway station, but dispite its central location, it is a very peaceful and quiet place with loads of great photo opportunities all around the park, including the beautiful Japanese water garder, and lots of interesting bridges and old stone steps which make for great backdrops.

Here are some of my favourite picks from the day . . .


Be sure to keep a look out for pictures from the big day itself, in the not too distant future!

Get in touch now to book your wedding photography with us and get a FREE engagement shoot included with your booking, and keep checking back for more new pictures and location ideas for your own engagement shoot!

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