Epcot Monorail

It seems like forever until our next trip to the most magical place on earth so I thought I would bring a bit of Disney to the blog today with one of my favourite shots from Epcot.

If you are staying at any Disney resort hotel, chances are you will make use of the free shuttle buses to the parks, however another great way to travel is on the Disney monorail. The Epcot loop travels between the park and the main ticket centre, close to the Magic Kingdom. As you arrive on the monorail, it loops through the park and circles past the iconic Spaceship Earth. This is one of my favourite shots of the train passing by.

The trains run approximately every 8-10 minutes so didn’t have to wait very long for one to pass through the shot. This particular shot was taken near The Living Seas pavilion, although I do have a number of other locations in mind for the next trip.


A bit of information on the monorail at Disney – there are 2 distinct services, one is the Ticket Centre to Epcot loop, and the other is the Magic Kingdom loop, again from the Ticket Centre, this has 2 lines, the express line, and the resort line. If you are staying at The Grand Floridian, Polynesian, or Contemporary resorts, then you can hop on a monorail directly from your hotel. At the Contemporary, you can get on the monorail literally inside the hotel, as the line passes right through the building! To get to Epcot though you will need to change at the Ticket & Transportation Centre.

Technically, there wasn’t much set up required for this shot. I used a polarising filter just to bring out the blue in the sky. One thing I did work on in post production was the removal of a lamp post that was in front of part of the train. Nothing too fancy just a little work in Photoshop and then a bit of colour enhancement.

There are loads of photo opportunities where the monorail can play a part in the shot – here is another shot taken at the Grand Floridian resort.


Lots of planning ahead for the next trip so hopefully, there will be plenty of new Disney photos coming soon!!!

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