Along The Jubilee Line

Last week, I was on a day trip down in London. The primary reason for being there was for a tour of the abandoned underground station at Aldwych, organised by the London Transport Museum – more on this in a later post.

After the Aldwych tour, I found myself heading over to Greenwich as I wanted to get some photos of the financial centre at Canary Wharf from across the water. After I had got the shots I wanted, I started to head back to central London on the Jubilee line, and found myself hoping on and off the train at a number of stations, including Canada Water, Canary Wharf & Bermondsey.

There is something quite cool about the stations along this line – as it is the most recent line on the underground they are more modern in design than other stations. There is a lot of metal and steel which gives them a really industrial, urban, gritty feel, and are great to photograph with lost of interesting features.

Here are a couple of my favourite shots from the recent trip.

Canada Water
Canary Wharf

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  1. Dan says:

    There’s so much to see in everyday places that people might not see on their daily commute.


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