Retro Underground

On a recent trip to London, I had a few hours to kill so went exploring with my camera in hand, and came across Swiss Cottage underground station. I have noticed on my recent trips that the underground has become a bit of a fascination for me, but this is without doubt one of the most interesting that I have seen. Swiss cottage is on the Jubilee line, between Finchley Road, and St. Johns Wood. It’s about 5 minutes from Baker Street and I just love the retro, art-deco style of this part of the station.

St John’s Wood is similar in design and was visited on a previous trip, but I wanted to get a shot using my fisheye lens to exaggerate the shapes of the space.


As you can see, the starting image is relatively flat in terms of the colour and impact, so I wanted to make the colours pop. To achieve this, I did a little post editing, using Lightroom and Perfect Effects from OnOne software (a great set of plugin tools for Lightroom and Photoshop).

This first basic adjustments I made were to the white balance to make the colours a little cooler and to drop the highlights just a little. Then I took the image into Perfect Effects and used 3 of the presets to add some detail, followed by a grunge type effect to give the image a more gritty look, and finally added just a little vignette around the outside.

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