Wedding Photography Kit

This week sees another wedding shoot, and as part of my kit prep, I thought I would share an insight into just what gear I use and how it is much more than just turning up with a camera to snap photos.

First off, I use a heavy duty rucksack that is more than capable of holding the various camera bodies, lenses and accessories. After much research I opted for the Lowepro Vertex 200. It’s a beast and quite expensive but worth every penny as it keeps all my kit safe and protected on a shoot.

I carry 2 camera bodies on every shoot. Two reasons for this – one, it means I can have 2 cameras setup with different lenses at the same time to make switching between shots quick and easy, and secondly, it provides me with a backup should one of the cameras fail. My camera of choice is the Canon 5D Mark III, with a 2nd 5D Mk III as my second / backup camera.

I carry a range of lenses for various picture styles / effects. The main lens that I use for 90% of the day is the Canon 24-70 F2.8L Mk II. This is an awesome piece of kit with a good zoom range and works really well in low light. To compliment this, I also use the Canon 70-200 F2.8L Mk II which is a workhorse and creates beautiful shallow depth of field which works so well on portraits.

In addition to these, I also make use of a 50mm prime lens for portrait shots, and a 100mm Macro lens for detail shots of things like the wedding rings, as well as some portrait work.

Next, I use a Canon 630 EX Mk II flashgun and a Canon ST-E3-RT transmitter for working with on and off camera flash.

Other ancillary items that are essential for the day include a grey card for setting white balance, spare battery packs for the cameras and the flash, charging units for the batteries, several spare memory cards, cleaning cloths, and various filters. I also have a notebook with pre-shoot notes / location and posing ideas etc for quick reference on the day.

I will also carry a flash light stand, tripod and various props / items that we might make use of for some of the pictures throughout the day.

It seems like a lot of kit but everything is carefully selected for a specific purpose to ensure we get the best out of the day and come away with a wide range of pictures. The only thing we can’t plan for is the great British weather . . . .

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